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Florence to Milan

Taking another 4 hour detour of the highway, and I'm loving it

SON_2824SonnyphotosI hit the highway this time for 2 hours, and then after Parma turned of the highway to go through some flat farm land and slowly head to the mountains, first creek/river at a town called Ponte Dell'Olio ( Bridge of Oil ? ) on the river Nure, which eventually joins the river Po SON_2825SonnyphotosThe drive to Milan from Florence direct is around 3 hours , but I did it in 7 hours :-) SON_2828Sonnyphotosnow the thing I noticed is a lot of different types of rocks in all these creeks SON_2830Sonnyphotosand these amazing patterns on some of the rocks, its rock artSON_2832SonnyphotosDriving further to the hills and cross a narrow bridge where I can get another nice picture of the river , and what's that SON_2831Sonnyphotos Zoom in... Castello De Riva on the river Nure ( little blurb on the castle here ) SON_2834Sonnyphotosclean fresh water SON_2837Sonnyphotosheading north west and up, leaving the river behind SON_2838Sonnyphotosthe bridge where I just crossed SON_2840Sonnyphotoscan imagine after heavy rain in the mountains SON_2847Sonnyphotosup high in between two valleys SON_2850Sonnyphotoslots of farm land up here SON_2856Sonnyphotosand lots of cherries in these parts, bought myself some to eat while driving SON_2857Sonnyphotosnext river, the Trebbia SON_2864Sonnyphotosat a small town called Mezzano Scotti I found a good spot to pull over ( that has been one of the hardest things on this trip, as the road are so narrow, its hard to find a safe spot to pull over and take some photos ) and some more rock artSON_2865SonnyphotosIn hindsight, I should have gone for a swim, the water was clear and did not feel icy coldSON_2870SonnyphotosI'm loving all this rock art, bold lines SON_2872Sonnyphotosand thin lines SON_2873Sonnyphotosand a mixture SON_2874Sonnyphotoseven rocks with logo's :-) SON_2877SonnyphotosThen this amazing 12th century bridge at a town called Bobbio, also known as the Devils bridge after the famous legend that it was built by the Devil in one night after he made a pact with Saint Columbanus who promised him the soul of the first passerby; but when the bridge was finished the Irish Saint sent a dogSON_2879Sonnyphotosawesome looking bridge SON_2881Sonnyphotosagain, this river, the Trebbia looking so clear SON_2883Sonnyphotos SON_2888Sonnyphotos SON_2889Sonnyphotos SON_2891Sonnyphotos SON_2894Sonnyphotosafter Bobbio back up in the hills, and looking a little like the Blue Mountains here SON_2895Sonnyphotoslots of sharp corners here on these smaller roads SON_2898Sonnyphotossee lots of these abandoned buildings along the road SON_2900Sonnyphotosshame SON_2901Sonnyphotosyoung fold all want to move the big lights of the city and live in sardines boxes when they could start a life out here, yes, hard work, but me feels so much more rewarding, all that fresh air alone SON_2902Sonnyphotosabandoned farm tools SON_2903Sonnyphotoswould love to have that ladder at home under the olive tree SON_2909Sonnyphotosgood looking hay field SON_2910Sonnyphotosnice SON_2912SonnyphotosItalian countryside SON_2921Sonnyphotosand we are on the edge of the mountain range SON_2924Sonnyphotosand I can just make out the tall buildings of Milan in the distance SON_2928Sonnyphotosand storm clouds over the Alps SON_2929SonnyphotosStretching all the way to the Coastline SON_2933Sonnyphotos SON_2936Sonnyphotos SON_2940Sonnyphotos SON_2944Sonnyphotosjust says Italy to me this photo SON_2946Sonnyphotostime to head down to Milan SON_2950Sonnyphotoslast shot before I entered Milan, taken near Linate while I was drivingScreen Shot 2016-06-17 at 8.05.59 AMstill only such a small part of Italy I just got to see

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