Fashion should be fun and with my photography I love to create those fun moments.


Tivua Island Day Cruise

After Fiji Fashion Week finished, the organiser ( Ellen Whippy Knight ) planned a day trip on the Thomas Cruise boat to one of the Islands of Denarua for a day trip

Vitu Levu, seen from Tivua Time to hit the water and snorkel discover time so many fish around Jacqui loves these crystal clear waters coral farm broken pieces are brought here to try and colonize the damaged reefs again with fresh coral and check these fish out I think they are part of the Angel fish family ( correct me if I am wrong please ) so gentle and graceful you don't see these often, but once you spot them, they generally are still there the next day our transport big one down there tasty ? Akira loving this as well Akira and Patty looks like Akira is more at home and can get deeper ( where were you Patty ) this one still here look at them all now time for lunch and then after lunch another quick snorkel before heading back DJ Nicole Tania loving it we're all loving it floating Patty Tracey and Patty finally putting her feet up

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