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Intercontinental Hotel Natandola Fiji

Splitting our holiday over 2 resorts, first up, the Intercon at Natandola

On our drive from Suva west past coral coast we stop to check Nanuka Resort, and this shot might as well be called "where I'd rather be .." any time of the week on our way, just had to pull over to get this sunset the colours were beyond I never seen such pinks and purples, yes purple waking up to this Staying at the Intercontinental Resort at Natandola Bay for a change always wanted to stay here as, like Shangri La, it is right on a beach except this beach has the best sunsets and when the swell is big enough has a wave out the front of this little reef view from our room, and yes, that's the break out front, at low tide however, that's just exposed dry reef luxury already going to feel that this stay will be too short coconuts, sunset and surf, what else do you need to see from your roomlate breakfast on our way to resort restaurant great view from reception, and you can see the reef ( high tide ) the resort within a resort we got upgraded to a resort room which has a club lounge and exclusive swimming pool, and a view of the right hander pretty windy today hoping to go out there tomorrow, the left hander at Natandola Reef get this guy to take me out there ( too far too paddle ) like Shangri La, at Intercontinental Hotel, the bay is protected from those tradewinds that seem to kick in everyday nice pool with these cosy for two "chairs" will be lounging here later with a beer last view from our beach room before we check into our upgrade with our own plunge pool love

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