Fashion should be fun and with my photography I love to create those fun moments.


Road Kill on the Barrier Highway

Part of the road trip in Australia, is the road kill

you see a lot of road kill on these roads but I had to stop the car to take photos of this one how the hell did this 'roo get himself caught like that hang on, that's not a roo that's an emu poor bugger, what a way to die - but then, why didn't anyone else stop and help out more road kill do you see the lump further up on the road on the left, I'd say that's a roo, and the eagle was feeding of it, great opportunity he thought, till bam, another came past and roadkill #2shame beautiful looking creature and here's the cause roadkill #1 and these you see a lot of and if you're after a roo skeleton just go a little wonder on the side of the road and you will find plenty

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