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Commencing the long drive back, Ceduna to Avalon

Day 1 of possibly 3 day drive of just over 2000kms

Driving from Ceduna to Port Augusta across the top of Eyre peninsula, pass through about a dozen little towns on the 470km of road. Poochera, SA and as South Australia has put in place a state wide lockdown, the streets are empty. Only other vehicles besides me are emergency vehicles, trucks and essential services. 50 km further, another town Kyancutta, SA skip a few towns and filled up at Port Augusta, now driving through the pass at Saltia, SA on the Flinders Range Way. and Port Augusta was like a ghost townabout 15km out of Port and 18 from Quorn looking north towards the Flinders ranges North EastFlinders Range Motel, the Mill in Quorn South Australia Corner of Fourth and Railways Terrace the local meeting spot and one of the local watering holes( there's a few ) country killed meat at your local butcher Gibb's garage, get your oil checked or get a new station wagon at the local dealer leaving South Australia long way to go willy willy you see these on a regular basis on the open roads, usually in the distance, this one was a bit closer and we're back in Olary againstill in South Australia, but not much to go nowonce a thriving town little ole country town drive slow when its a hot dry dusty day few stories to be told I'm sure

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