Fashion should be fun and with my photography I love to create those fun moments.


Drive from Penong to Ceduna

After the plug got pulled on the shoot, I stop to take some photos on the road back to Ceduna, I know have about 7 times

Saw this structure from side of the road before so got out this time to have a closer look, everyone else had to rush back to get planes, whereas I got an exemption to travel tomorrow, a day when all of South Australia will be in lockdownempty now irrigation system all the footprints around it and that's who it would have been for hello just having a lunch break 3/4's of the way to Ceduna Denial Bay Lutheran Churchnice little settingnow I can't believe I did not take any photos of this place ( so we have a google earth screen shot instead ) as I went to this place every day
Why ?
Freshly shucked oysters from either Smoky bay or Coffin bay, and soooo good, and not at sydney prices. I took the girls from the production team her a few times as well, if you ever happen to be in Ceduna, the Ceduna Oyster barn is the place. It's run by a local guy and his Japanese partner, so as well as au natural, you can have Japanese , Vietnamese style, so so good ( wish I was there now )

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