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Aquatic Life at Heron Island, first dive

Our first look underwater at Heron Island

walked up to just next to the marina and then plan to drift around the Island, underwater and as soon as we get i, not even 10 seconds, boom, big stingray just lurking under the sand Jacqui's been stung in the past, pain so bad she thought she was going to loose her leg, so brave moment swimming over one lots of fish and coral looking good ( compared to the damage we saw in Fiji ) just like Fiji but wait, what's that down there yes, a turtle no way, awesome just chilling and its nit scurrying away, just hanging out, happy for me to take some photoslove the colour on these guys reef ball clam swam with this school of fish for a good 10 min happy to hang with me but they still did not let me get too close :-) so many of them spot the ray up close and another and another, so many of them and them look at the three dorsal fins giving away there's something thereI swim closer and there was a sting ray hiding there as wellsnub nose ray more fish more rays Jacqui had enough of the rays but never the turtles time to have some lunch, Jacqui walks back little reef shark but I head back in and drift back with these guys again ( wonder if they are edible ) as we are in a national park, no fishing allowed, so as opposed to Fiji, you see a lot of the smaller tropical fish around the coral, but here you'll see a lot more of the bigger fish as they are protected by the fishing ban reminds me of Tahiti :-)

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