Fashion should be fun and with my photography I love to create those fun moments.


Sydney > Hobart QF1019

Quick week in Sydney and off to work in Hobart

getting the bags on and lets go after this, was not much to see and Jacqui had window seat anyway till we got to the edge of the mainland, just near Mallacoota Point Hicks at the top and Wingan River running out to seaCouple of beaches west of Mallacoota Croanjingolong National Park leaving mainland behind super windy in bass straight today like a space ship, solo rain cloud patterns Cape Barren Island through the clouds Eastern tip of Cape Barren Island spot the airport secluded beaches Musselroe Bay Tasmania near Fingal or Avocaslowly coming downpretty clouds above the fluffy clouds going down Smooth Island turning back to airport Lime Bay

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