Fashion should be fun and with my photography I love to create those fun moments.


Los Angeles > New York QF11

Last leg to New York

Quick shower and 5 minute breakfast and back on a plane again, LAX terminal roof wave me off, very blue skies today laters holy crap, never seen that before, I know they have snow on the mountains, close to LA, but never seen it lines funky x and we're off El Segundo ( now all together now, I left my wallet at El Segundo, no? showing my age ? surely not ) Palos Verdes Banking around Palos Verdes woauw, look at that, so close and then the LA sprawl beyond Palos Verdes Port of Los Angeles Alamitos Bay all the way up to the mountains Corona Lake Matthews March Air Reserve Base Perris Reservoir Big Bear on your way to Palm Springs Palm Springs Highway 62

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