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Hobart > Melbourne QF 1016

woauw, what a trip to get back to Sydney

Hobart done and dusted, time to head back to Sydney via Melbourne ready for take off Seven mile beach Lauderdale heavy clouds over Lauderdale rising above it windy in the middle was pretty much like this all the way across Tasmania and Bass Straight and then we went to land down, and just before touching down, I think we were at about 150m elevation, the plane did a sudden and fast climb again, and now circling out around airport. See the mini dust storm in the photo, middle left and that's why we took off again, under that heavy dark cloud with all the rain is the airport, which just lashed with a storm and lightning, so circling now waiting for it to pass but looked like it was going to take too long, so captain decided to divert to Canberra instead more storm clouds en route pretty light in between  big cloud, like a space ship going down to land no news how long we will be here so after plane landed, we were initially told, refuel, and go back. Then they were waiting for official paperwork after refuel, which ended up taking too long as the captain and crew clocked on at 8am they were now officially not allowed to fly anymore, so they had to wait for another crew to come in, thankfully they let us off the plane, so we could get some food in the terminal. But I had other ideas, I wanted to get my bags and just rent a car as it would only be a small 3hour drive to Sydney, which would be quicker than the hour wait to get to Melbourne, try to get on a flight to Sydney and then fly to Sydney, which would easily exceed 3hours, and that's if the plane left Canberra in the next 50min ( It didn't ) but then, after sorting to get my luggage of the plane, there was no way of contacting Avis to rent a car, every number I tried said it was after hours ( it wasn't 10pm yet ) and the Qantas staff informed it would be hard to hire a car, ( thanks Avis !! ) so next option was Qantas putting me up for a night and then getting first flight in the morning to Sydney ( yes please, as I do have my first flight in the morning to New York tomorrow )so after a small nights sleep , up before the crack of dawn to get the flight at the crack of dawn ready to roll out of here crack of dawn in Canberra ready to take off Canberra department of defense pretty hues early morning pretty outside Goulburn  Wollondilly River flowing into Lake Burragorang, which then becomes Sydney Warragamba dam Camden Smeaton Grange Campelltown Botany Bay Sydney and her south Sydney West Sydney suburbs The shire Simpson Bay, Gunnamatta Bay and Bate Bay, Cronulla Bundeena Marley Baach Wattamolla Beach Bundeena from the other side now Cronulla The beach at Boat Harbour Quibray Bay love those patterns tip of Kurnell Beach

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