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Te Puia Springs at Kawhia Beach, North Island West Coast, New Zealand

Moved to Raglan in the hope to surf the famous left wave there, but no surf, so we go for an explore instead

things you see along Te Papatapu road Makomako Stream , Aotea Harbour the black sands of Kawhia beach to my mates that surf whale beach, you know what is like in summer running across the hot sand, imagine if the sand was black why the holes along the shore line on this beatiful Kawhia beach with Karioi in the background well normally, according to many different tourist sites there is thermal activity here, so on low tide, you dig a hole and the water would be warm, so you can dig a hole spa size and sit in warm water so we dug and we dug, and could not find it we thought maybe it was maybe all a big ruse but, the smell of sulphur and the distinct yellow colour tells me its not black with a touch of cobalt sulphur we searched some more online, where we found one website that was a bit more specific in its directions, so line up the track , with the pole and then just to the left of the big piece of driftwood and as you can see, there quite a few big pieces of driftwood along the shore line we were using this as our guide, and tried both sides but after an hour of digging and the tide turning back in ( you are supposed to do this around low tide ) we gave up and headed back through the pine forest ( pine trees are the new lambs in New Zealand, so no more lamb jokes- come up with pine tree jokes now ) pretty looking back at Kawhia Harbour then back in time for sunset in Raglan town, boat coming in at Cox Bay, Raglan Raglan sunset

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