Fashion should be fun and with my photography I love to create those fun moments.


Helsinki > Milan Malpensa AY1751

Nothing to show on the flight from Hong Kong, but now Helsinki to Milan

After Sydney Hong Kong flight, the filight to Helsinki was a night flight, so nothing to see for 10 plus hours. Then landed at Helsinki at 04:40, so still dark. And now 8am ready to go to Milan, and still dark.

did a quick search, and poor buggers, sunrise is not till 09:20 and sets at 15:34. Imagine starting work at 9 and it is still dark and going home after work and its already been dark for about 2 hours


loving the glow of the cloud cover

time to get de-iced before take off

our turn

done, ready for take off

Helsinki airport

through the clouds

heading south

not alone, pretty much same cloud cover all across europe for the next 2 plus hours

until we got to the Alps

been a while

Austria, we are somewhere above Innsbruck

big valley

Lugano in the distance

Italian foot hills

rivers snaking through the farm land from the big Comos


Milan on the horizon

landed at Malpensa, but looking at this, I'm left wondering if I am about to go on a ski-ing holiday or am I here for the men's show

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