Fashion should be fun and with my photography I love to create those fun moments.


Whakaari aka White Island New Zealand

One of New Zealand's most active cone volcano

Landed and straight away you feel that you are somewhere special almost like a lunar landscape and the varying degrees of colour sulphur steam and sulphur everywhere slowly walking towards main crater some close ups of the sulphur starting to build up minerals crystalising such an intense colour you can imagine the smell of sulphur all around you steams vents all around us as we walk closer to the main crater looking back main crater filled with steaming water the sulphur scent very strong starting to tickle your throat would not want to stand too close to the crumbling edge the colours surreal we're given gas masks, as the sulphur can get pretty strong showing off her 3 cameras, I mean gas mask reminds me when the farmer next door used to fertilize his potato field with pig manure :-) let's check out some of these steam vents non stop the colour so intense just building up used to be very big, but there was an eruption back in July 2000, which covered the whole island with a grey ash, burying the big naturally formed sulphur mound, so this one is about 18 years oldand will get bigger, if no eruptions love me a low sun with dark cloud in backgroundHappy girl, its a tick of the bucket list I just love this landscape, would love to do a photo shoot here heading to the left overs of the old sulphur mine just got to get another shot  of that intense colour little mud pool trolleys still left here, probably from 1914 I so want a model in here ( not in the steaming pool of course :-) colour colour colour close up incredible crystallizing  sulphur surreal this landscape driftwood high tide mark on the beach red cedar ? grain and texture washed up Fibonacci sequence ? hello intense blue rusting away just flakes off now tourists we take pictures big mistake they did was use salt water when mixing concrete, pretty sure sulphur in the air probably did not help either collapsed roof ? heading back to helicopter there she is, what a tour, so worth it, never seen anything like it and I want to come back

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