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Rotorua > White Island Scenic Helicopter Flight

You haven't lived until you flew to an active volcano in a helicopter

Jacqui is not big on machines that leave the ground, so after our trip to see the Lady Know Geyser I tricked Jacqui into thinking we were catching a boat across lake Rotorua to visit the mudpools. But instead we have this white bird waiting for usShe still loves it, just anxiouslet's do this Lake Rotorua with Mokoia Island in the middleright hand turn  Lake Okareka then Lake Tarawera with our first stop, the Mt Tarawera A volcanic mountain that had a very violent explosion, one of the largest, back in June 1886one of the main craters this is unique, geographically speaking, as we have Mt Tarawera, then behind it, a little to the left, Mt Putauaki and further back, on the horizon, Mt White, all volcanic mountains,  so running in line on a major fault lineand then this is the part where the mountain, basically split open form the violent eruption split in two getting out for a quick look around but a bit chilly up herebig crack so imagine if there was not split and connect the sides to the top, all that volume of mountain was just blasted out in the surrounding country side our "bird" the top it was cold, we would have stayed longer and taken some more photos, but we were not prepared for this chill off we go again Mt Putauakinew zealand green Rangitaiki river flowing out at Thornton beach  Moutohora island, bird sanctuary first glimpse of Mt Island, and active volcano yes, you read right, active volcano circling around before landing so excited coming into land, and already see the distinctive yellow colour from the sulphur  landed

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