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Temae Beach, Mo'orea, Tahiti, exploring underwater with Belle and India

Been in Tahiti for a few days already, but no blog posts as it is vacation time. Instead have been shooting a lot of videos, underwater as well as above

as soon as I get in, boom, those colours and right of the beach, straight away spot a sting ray beautiful the way it just glides past you and another one on the other side of me, you can just see Belle's feet at the top of the photo question, if anyone can answer, why do some rays, like this one have a super long tail, but others, like his friend above, have a shorter tail. Is it an age thing or a gender thingIndia trying to keep up with the ray, and how awesome is the colours Belle also trying to keep up, and just loving the clarity of this salt lagoon water awesome not just rays here Blue water and blue skies the current underwater is pretty strong from a larger swell breaking over the reef, so we walk up the beach's northern end and get in again and looks like we caught up with thiose 2 rays again Belle above see how the front one's tail is shorter compared to the earlier photo of the second one which has a way longer one girls not keeping up ( I have flippers on ) we walk up again, a bit further this time and a lot more coral at first posing or swimming Belle just spotted a shark, do you see it ? there it is not a big one, but big enough to take a bite if it wanted to India excited, was high on her to do lists for this Tahit trip Thumbs up from Belle. And we got to do all of this without paying some guide or going on a tour, no this is free at one of the public beaches in Mo'orea, just put your sunblock on, get your snorkeling gear and get in the water.

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