Fashion should be fun and with my photography I love to create those fun moments.


Sydney > Auckland > Tahiti

One Day in Sydney and we're off again, this time Holidays

Early morning at the Qantas Lounge not flying on the big one today busy morning size difference taking plane for a walk, without a leash take off the 'nulla banking on top of ours great shot of Cronulla then we hop across the ditch 3 hours later ready to descend to Auckland bit of activity around and some rainbows even as we descend the rainbow follows flew past the airport due to strong westerly winds and turning now to head back to airport patches of rain and sun coming into land 40 min later, after 15 min walk form gate to international transfer we literally had 4min in the lounge to then walk 20 min back to different plane, and not loving the "extra detail " on my window take off Manukau Heads, turning around to head north east hoping to get a good sunset, already looking good ascending Okahu Bay leaving New Zealand around or near the great barrier islands Tahiti here we come talk about golden hour loving this light with patches of rain sunset time ( Happy hour ? ) looks like it will be just standard sunset there she goes going gone

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