Fashion should be fun and with my photography I love to create those fun moments.



Holidays over time to get back to reality that we also live in paradise, except it is colder :-)

Papeete airport is a walk to the plane airport, even international long haul flights so spare a thought for passengers on those torrential down pour days big engine ready for take off off we go and just look at this colour - best advertisement for wanting to come back is the view on take off and there's is Mo'orea oh woauw, what a great look at the Island we've been on for 2 weeks Sick, how cool is this shot Benji, your home :-) oh woauw, going to get to have a good look at Ha'apiti as well can just make out the lagoon on the north side of the Island as well ( just behind that sharp peak ) Atiha Pass and Ha'apiti pass, love that spot then the clouds set traveling south west to Auckland not easy with worn out plastic covering the glass window New Zealand Island just East of Auckland going down flaps down landed an hour or so in the airport and then on our connecting flight to Sydney take off on low tide Piha and surrounding beaches crossing the ditch Sydney big banking turn coming in to land entrance to botany bay and it is whaling season, and I kid you not Evan and I saw 4 different pods of whales as we were coming into land. the bit of white wash middle left, is a whale

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