Fashion should be fun and with my photography I love to create those fun moments.


Paris > Madrid > Valencia Iberia

Paris Shows finished, 6 days off before couture, I ain;t hanging around in Paris

ready to leave Paris cleared to go good bye sir French countryside around Paris turned around and now flying past Paris great view, can you work out whats what close up up Seine Bordeaux Cap Ferret near Souston Cap Breton Bayonne and Biaritz and then looking west to Spain Spain colours change and dotted with windmills coming down to Madrid typical spanish colours for me outskirts of Madrid those colours, all I can think of is olives un used highway interesting coming into to land but can see runway further away, makes you wonder if you are heading to a runway quick baggage hand over and plane change at Madridand we're off again now to Valenciaoutskirts of Valencia, did not take many photos after take off as it was just too hazy coming in to land must be beer o'clock

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