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Fishing Industry in Spain, or pretty much the whole Mediterranean

It is a dead zone out there, overfishing is the topic not enough gets talked about

So this is the second time I've come down to check the boats coming back into port after their fishing trip and watching them bring in their haul . My Dad had told me about the meager returns.I count 8 guys working, and I don;t see much fish, and it is like this all the time, no big fish, just lots of small fish ( that if they weren't caught in a big net would become big fish ( duh )but yeah, all that work, for small to no return and then doing damage at the same time and its not just one boat this was the most I saw, how is that going to support a boat crew and family, plus running costs for the boat. This really is a dying business, look I love eating fish every now and then, this is not anti fish, this is a management problem. Proper managing of nature's resources still a lot of work needs to be done I would say there is a bigger future for those boats right now in tourism take them out for fishing, swimming, diving or just simple exploring trips, as currently those prices are out of reach for a lot of people. So if more did it, there would be m,ore competition and more affordable prices, and another source of income for fisherman anyway just likes this cat, I'm sitting on the side line on this one as I don;t have any answer, just want to make people aware there is a problem

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