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Dubai > Sydney EK 412

heading home

a solid 10 hours later, and we are off again. Hey, when you are fortunate to have access to the lounge and are offered a hotel for the your stay, there's no problem with 10 hours, especially after a hectic fashion month, nice to unwind and we're off Dubai creek Have not actually been to Dubai for about 7-8 years, and just looking at this, it has changed so muchman made beaches, they all need Kelly's wave machine :-) but yeah, this strip I know relatively well, but looking at the beach front now when I zoom in , it really has changed a lot no need for me to tell you tallest building in the world right looks hot and dry and then the desert starts 20-30 min later Oman and the gulf of Oman Indian Ocean heading to Maldives, the flight route does not always fly over Maldives, sometimes it is the southern tip of India So now I patiently wait for Maldives as I have been told we will fly over it3 hours later and the atolls start to appear yes not recognizing any of the spots this time and looks like no swell, would love to go back again for an extended holiday on a boat and then we continue another 10-11 hours getting cloudier so I go to sleep 9 or so hours later sunrise about 150km out of Sydney have my eyes open hoping for a beach day but not looking good going down not looking like summer northern beaches early morning light with storm cloudsManly dam and the Harbour love this shot and then the harbour love it cbd horse training next to runway

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