Fashion should be fun and with my photography I love to create those fun moments.


Brussels > Dubai EK184

Shows done, time to leave Belgium

boys having some fun, while waiting for plane to arrive in the rain and here she comes looks small from up here turning putting the safety cones out yep, this looks like the spot next on board, spacious set up, the Emirates boeing 777 fleet is getting a re fit, apparently so far, only on the Brussels Dubai and Zurich Dubai legs, and great job, I got bumped to first and this first classseat, more like suite, is much better than the first class on their a380 Belgium weather ready to go take off, straight into storm cloudsI can see the Sanoma Magazine offices I used to go to when I used to work for them banking to avoid the storm clouds and more of it to the left military airbase at Bevekom a little later, past Vienna, Slovakia Bratislava the river Danube Lake Velence, Hungary with Lake Balaton in the back then slowly going into dusk one of the other first class suites, a non window seat, so an aisle seat, but, it is like a mini cabin, with fake port holes, but, here's the thing, and I still not quite sure where the cameras are, but in your liltte suite, you can still see outside from the projected live video on your "windows ' which you can also draw shutters down on them or enjoy the view, and the clarity and quality is quite amazing ok, nighttime nowflight path from flightaware

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