Fashion should be fun and with my photography I love to create those fun moments.



After some family time and no photos for some strange reason, back to Paris for work

Time to leave Spain again ready to go raining over there Valencia with the amazing Arts and Science buildings by Santiago Calatravazoom in , I love these buildings and have been dying to do an editorial shoot there ever since I visited it back in July 2008 and took these photos and in today's lightPort of Valencia woauw, that's looking super green for this time of the year crossing the mountains to head to heart of Spain on the plains , cloud part again not green down there looks parched summer skies could use some rain on regular basis still, looks great from up here those planes againlanded exiting off the plane and onto connecting flight leaving Madrid last time I saw snow on these mountian tops of the coast of Biaritz France area looks peaceful been raining a lot in France while I was away and these clouds kind of show it or is that because I know it Paris Orly airport interesting clouds and layers love it print worthy :-) coming in to tland

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