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Paris Orly > Madrid > Valencia

Catching up on some travel posts

Paris Orly Airport don't usually fly out of here good to go Paris outside of Paris Dampierre Nuclear power plant we are not alone nice cloud layers near Spanish border storms over PyreneesSo no Pyrenees shots this time Spain plane really going out of its way to avoid this storm banking right around it screen shot of the flight path outside of Madrid showing the maneuvering of the flight around the storm cloudclouds clear and the Dam at Rio Guadiela Castillo de Zorita Los Canes on the River Tagu lots of farm fields making good use of the river water a row out of service Iberia planes landed then straight onto connecting flight on a smaller plane, with very scratched up window take of same planes again loving that colour, lime in the water ? crossing the mountain, only a short flight not looking as dry for this time of the year holy crap, what is that place zoom in, this is on aproach to Valenica airport, like mayne 20 min car ride from airport, what the hell is it, anyone, this makes for a very interesting location a little further Cantera Carasoles concrete contractor little quarry will be on this highway hopefully in about 30 min heading south landed

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