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Sydney > Abu Dhabi EY451

After great trip in Tahiti in Sydney for just under 2 days and it is off again

leaving Sydney Not the best window seat, sitting a bit too far from the actual window, more like an aisle seat with a view of the window :-) good to go  and we're off South Sydney National Park turning yeah, been there now, Marley beach good shot of Marley beach Cronulla Botany Bay and outback NSW Lake Cowal could be interesting, its a bit far out, sort off near Parkes and Forbes, beyond Orange, and is that a hole ? zoom in, damn, yes, that's a big mine flying towards south australia Mountain Range near Port Pirie South Australia been along that road I'm sure on one of my many visits here Port Germeinsand bank out of Port Germein looking up the Spencer gulf to Port Augusta neat Port Davis out the other window Point Lowly and Gas Plant Salt Farm in False Bay looking south, south of Whyalla This looks familair too been on that road too and took that turn off to go past Lake Gilles and off to Mt Ive and Lake Gairdner had to drive past Lake Gilles to get there would love to go here again great memories from this place and amazing photos, check it out hereStreaky Bay ( great Oyster come form this region, Smoky Bay around the corner also ) Blanche Port Back BEach Streaky Bay and Corvisart Bay Great surfing spot , Granites, near Westall, down there Olive Island crossing the great Australian Bight serene, for a spot that gets some pretty rough storms come through Spotting land again, no towns here, Latitude  32°12'40.47"S Longitude 127°30'5.73"E looks like houses in there, but they are big patches of sand Eyre Bird Observatory is somewhere down there Twilight Cove, Eyre Nuytsland Nature Reserve W.A. sunset time West Australia coastline and another big sand dune, near Cervantes great location I bet, especially on sunset bye Australia next stop Abu Dhabi, then on overnight flight to Brusselsthe clouds on this journeyand flighttracker

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