Fashion should be fun and with my photography I love to create those fun moments.


Milan > London > Brussels

Milan finished time to go to Brussels pick up car and drive to Paris

ready to leave Milan Arrivederci Milano and look at the Alps little bit of mountain top Lago Tremorgio Ambri Airport and Lago Ritom This is all looking familiar, and yes, know that I see that road, it's because that is the Gothard Pass that I crossed a couple of months ago so cool that I now see it from up here still a lot of snow around already thinking I might do this roadtrip again next year stoked I can so clearly see the road I travelled onyep, and Belle and India, that's the road I was on when I video called you to show the snow, so lucky the plane flew over the exact path I took form Switzerland to Italy Check out the blogpost I did back in June from my roadtrip then, and you will see this spot glacier, but the one I went to , can't win them all great shot of the road leading to Gothard Pass, which , by the way, I am sure is impassable during the winter months Swiss/French Alps still enough snow for some fun Brienzersee and Interlaken we are not alone Bielersee and Neuchtelsee you later Alps Windsor Castle and then back on a plane again good to go Dunkirk Harbour, still need to see that movie Belgium going down to landflight path from flightaware

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