Fashion should be fun and with my photography I love to create those fun moments.


July Swell that was

and Box Head is on

There was a big swell predicted and it sure came through, there's nothing quite like see-ing lines going all the way out to the horizon, solid lines, love it came up to top of Whale Beach to see if the swell direction was good enough to get into Box Head, one of my favourite surfing spots in Sydney, but it only really works a couple of times a year, needs a big direct south swell ( too much east and it misses it ) and needs NW winds looking good, don't have a boat so I am going to have to drive over there and paddle out, grrrrlook at those lines on my way, check out Newport Reef, it's solid Box head , after surfing it for 3 hours from the beach does not look very exciting, that's because A, its a long way out and B, I don't have a 300mm lensdriving back, and that's Box Head in the distance Woy Woy dinner tie

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