Fashion should be fun and with my photography I love to create those fun moments.


Getting from Bora Bora airport to the St. Regis Tahiti Style

Never thought I would ever come to such an amazing place

A little similar to Male Airport, from baggage arrival hall straight onto a boat. But not as busy and manic here at Bora Bora Airport, and my gawd, look at those colours Departure point Island Life Welcome sculpture Airport sign and of we go, so windy today, forecast to die down in a few days that's the airport runway to the right of the photo, and this is how you get to and from the airport Benji & Hani from Hani Haring creationsThe big mountain in the middle of the lagoon and we arrived, what a view not just any 5 star, mother of pearl 5 star quick location scout of St. Regis resort woauw, the colour, # nofilter # nophotoshop cocktail sunsets ? pool with view of mountain oh my, I can not get over the colour of the water, Jacqui and I will be staying in one of these on the other side location and this is how you get around on the resort, by bike, they are everywhere, just pick one up, no locks , no keys just grab a bike, go where you need to go and someone else can grab your bike, but ere is no shortage of bikes, so no need to hold onto one I can see myself sitting here relaxing, postcard view a little canal around the wellness spa center gonna snorkel the hell out of that the clarity is boggling post card picture

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