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Aquatic Life at St. Regis Bora Bora

Taking the waterhousing for a spin in this epic location

if you like blue, you'll like Bora Bora the clarity for salt water, is incredible Jacqui and her new snorky with Gopro ttachment pretty fish we left the underwater/snorkeling shoot a bit too late today, as the shadows are reaching across the water, so we decided to come back tomorrow and in the meantime, hammock 2.0 love half in half out my turn picture perfect so as promised, next day we come back again and this time when the sun is nice and high and no shadows in the water hello there friends clarity Hani in what looks like floating infinity should have put the 50 in the housing, or the 100 mm ? how cool does this look oh my these are the best damn fish photos I've ever taken it is as if I have a big soft box underwater with me lighting up the fish Hello awesome creature and Jacqui in the background someone else coming over to say hello thsoe yes it is so clear and clean that it jut feels like I am in one of those big maintained aquariums, but I'm not, I'm in a lagoon and it is so nice to be floating around like this, the water is probably around the 25-26 degrees big one, looking small because he's swimming away Happy couple that's a big fish when you compare the size next to the other what I wold call a decent sized fish massive just look at the clarity, I still can not get over it how clear it is, again, salt water not fresh water just cruising palm leaf half submerged fish trap

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