Fashion should be fun and with my photography I love to create those fun moments.


Los Angeles > New York QF 11

Quick shower, bowl of cereal and back on the same plane again

taxiing on the runway have not seen it this wet in L.A. ever, and I used to live here at one stage quite extraordinary, and the locals tend to "freak out" when it rains ready for take off clouds part once we cross San Bernardino mountains snow capped San Gabriel mountains before we get to the  Crystalaire Blackbutte and Gray Butte Airfield and just at the edge on the right of the photo, El Mirage dry lake, been there a few times Private Airfield, owned by General Atomics Aeronautical Systems. GAAS is the company that manufactures remote controlled drones for the military like Mariner, Predator and Prowler. the 395 running through Mojave desert Silver Lake, Helensdale. Like, wtf, in the desert Lockhead Martin Airfield, there are a lot of airfields out here btw great for raod tripping  so much to explore down there not sure where this is, just on the way to Las Vegas, and close to Barstow check the flighttracker  clouds set in again Snowcapped mountains overlooking Las Vegas, but then the cloud set in again and did not see Vegas snow and cloud the rest of the way coming into New York sunset and coming into land rainy days at every airport this trip so far

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