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Sydney > Los Angeles QF11

After brief stint in Sydney it's off to New York for the shows. WARNING, cloud overload, so many amazing cloud photos ( If you are into that kind of thing )

After 3-4 nights of the temperature not dropping below 28 degrees the day I leave a big storm rolls through, airport was even closed for 30minutes while the storm passed through very wet out there good to go  such a contrast to the past few days take off never seen Boat Harbour and Voodoo's this wet initially, when I booked this flight, I envisioned getting some more awesome pics of the northern beaches - not today  30 min later and the cloud of the east the coast, probably somewhere off Newcastle the ocean a lot calmer here, no wind or rain have a feeling I'm about to get a cloud fest bring it on from the reflection of the clouds you can tell it is calm on the ocean surface wait, what, an hour or so , if that, into the flight and I already get visions of Fiji zoom in a bit waouw, after some research, I found out it is called Middleton Reef, just 45 km north of a similar reef called Elizabeth reef, both sitting about 555Km of the east coast, and in the old days caused quite a headache for a lot of sailing boats, quite a lot of shipwrecks, the list is long  no dwellings, as there is nothign there realy on we go was hoping to fly over Nadi, Fiji,  but we are tracking further north on this flight I'm pretty much stuck at the window this past 2 hours cabin crew are amazed- " you still taking photos " hell yeah, look at those layers, colours, shapes cloud porn blue cloud in the shadow of a bigger cloud rain storm more rain drifts looks spectacular in the future we will be harvesting pacific rain like this gorgeous  this is definitely print worthy as is this one it just keeps on coming woauw, I actually had planned to catch up one some tv shows, but I been staring out at the ocean and it's clouds formations for over 3 hours now sunset not far off now still, lots to shoot wait, what... hang on, what's this holy crap, that just looks like an epic destination an epic surf destination, my, look at it, do you see what I see so, again some research and I found out this is Rotuma Island and belongs to Fiji, it is actually the northern most part of fiji, 600 km from the main island, 2 days by boat from Suva. You can just make out a landing strip on the north eastern part of the island, but there are no daily flights, no hotels, no shops, you have to be invited by friends and it is a homestay, I'm so keen  let's do this but now back to cloud porn I need a gallery :-) I'm sorry if you are scrolling thinking when is this going to end I had over 370 photos, and was already being conservative taking photos as I knew I would have to edit them down for this post anyway nice just amazing but slowly going into sunset colour colour  fantastic Pacific sunset from 33000 feet enjoy jaw dropping, I need this printed so this totally made up for not getting any shots of the northern beaches good night 7-8 hours later and off the coast of Los Angeles, wrong side of the plane for sunset lot of cloud of the coast very thick cloud too  slowly going down that californian sunshine a lot of twisting and turning  so I have no idea where exactly we are holy crap, LA is looking more like north europe never seen it this wet before flight tracker

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