Fashion should be fun and with my photography I love to create those fun moments.


Dubai > Brussels Over Persian Gulf and Boyer Ahmad Province

Had to break this leg from Dubai to Brussels up in a few parts as I got so many good shots

SON_7352SonnyphotosPersian Gulf  SON_7355SonnyphotosOff Bahrain and Qatar SON_7357Sonnyphotosdon;t know if you can see it, but under those cool looking clouds you can just make out the west coast of Iran SON_7360Sonnyphotos SON_7362SonnyphotosHendijan-e Sharqi Rural District, in the Central District of Hendijan County, Khuzestan Province, Iran SON_7367SonnyphotosMountains in Bahmai-ye Garmsiri-ye Jonubi Rural District, in the Central District of Bahmai County, Kohgiluyeh and Boyer-Ahmad Province, Iran SON_7370Sonnyphotoslove that cloud, like a space ship over the mountain SON_7374Sonnyphotoslots of layers SON_7376SonnyphotosArid SON_7377Sonnyphotosbut there are at least 2 rivers there and farming goes on down there SON_7378Sonnyphotos SON_7382Sonnyphotosthose clouds SON_7389Sonnyphotos SON_7396SonnyphotosKurdistan SON_7398Sonnyphotosfarming land near Sanandaj SON_7403Sonnyphotosmust be hot down there SON_7405Sonnyphotosthose clouds, near SaqqezSON_7409SonnyphotosKazemi Dam SON_7413SonnyphotosGetting close to Urmia lake, Marhemetabad-e Shomali Rural District, Marhemetabad District, Miandoab County, West Azerbaijan Province, Iran SON_7415SonnyphotosOH MY GAWD, jack pot, this deserves a whole other post

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