Fashion should be fun and with my photography I love to create those fun moments.


Dubai > Brussel Take off

Very short stay in terminal and of again

SON_7293SonnyphotosAlways seems to be that we have to get a bus for the flight from Dubai to Brussels, always wonder why when it is such a big airport with 3 terminals SON_7294Sonnyphotos SON_7296Sonnyphotospulling back SON_7301Sonnyphotosso many planesSON_7304Sonnyphotoswaiting, like these two, to take offSON_7311Sonnyphotosturning over the school of research science SON_7319SonnyphotosThen Dragon Market and Dubai Textile City, and Englsih cluster of international city SON_7324SonnyphotosRas Al Khor Wildlife Sanctuary SON_7332Sonnyphotosand the tallest building in the world SON_7334Sonnyphotosfor how long ? SON_7343SonnyphotosJumeirah SON_7345Sonnyphotosused to swim there every morning SON_7349SonnyphotosI think that is supposed to represent Polynesia in the world of Dubai SON_7350SonnyphotosPersian Gulf

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