Fashion should be fun and with my photography I love to create those fun moments.


Brussels > Milan AZ151

Short stop in Belgium and off again

son_6950Bus to plane son_6957stands son_6961minimalism on the tarmac son_6962 son_6963big one for it not to be at a terminal son_6973take off son_6975h ow come it is never that empty, traffic wise ,when I drive along hereson_6978New NATO building Brussels son_6980Old NATO son_6981New and Old son_6982again, no traffic ?? son_6984bursting through those clouds son_6987 son_6988we are not alone son_6992France son_6993 son_6995 son_6997getting to Switzerland son_6999 son_7003one of the lakes on the Alps son_7004the Alps son_7007 son_7012 son_7018 son_7021 son_7025 son_7026 son_7031 son_7033must be cloudy in Milan today

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