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Milan > Paris Via Swiss Alps

Just love the mountains

SON_7434SonnyphotosAfter Lago Isseo I head back to Milan to then head to the Alps, past Como and enter Switzerland. Once in the Swiss Alps, I head of the highway at Biasca and back on the smaller roads SON_7437Sonnyphotosand straight away you notice the many creeks  SON_7440Sonnyphotosjust a shame the sun is not shining here like it was at Isseo SON_7443Sonnyphotoskayaking anyone SON_7446SonnyphotosI see snow SON_7447Sonnyphotosloving the many greens  SON_7450Sonnyphotosgetting closer to snow SON_7453Sonnyphotos SON_7457Sonnyphotosvalley I just came up from SON_7462Sonnyphotosserious erosion SON_7467Sonnyphotosbig mountains SON_7470Sonnyphotostaking the road less travelled SON_7472Sonnyphotoscrystal clear, Brenno del Lucomagno SON_7473Sonnyphotospretty narrow, still, better than doing 120 on a highway and not being able to stop and take photos SON_7480Sonnyphotosnow that is a jagged croppy mountain top SON_7481Sonnyphotossnow SON_7486Sonnyphotosso much water, this feeding into the Sontga Maria dammed lake SON_7489Sonnyphotosin the Medel area SON_7490Sonnyphotosjust does not stop SON_7498Sonnyphotoslittle cloud hanging over the creek SON_7502Sonnyphotos SON_7503Sonnyphotos SON_7507Sonnyphotos SON_7523Sonnyphotosgoat herders on the way to the  SON_7526Sonnyphotosgetting higher and mistier, well , clouds actually SON_7528Sonnyphotos and the  SON_7532Sonnyphotossteady stream SON_7535Sonnyphotosnice SON_7536Sonnyphotossummer snow SON_7538Sonnyphotos SON_7539Sonnyphotoswoauw, pretty high up SON_7542Sonnyphotosam above cloud level, I can the clouds below up ahead SON_7547Sonnyphotosactually will be driving through it SON_7553Sonnyphotosspecial SON_7557Sonnyphotosthen 5 minutes later on the other side of the cloud SON_7558Sonnyphotos SON_7562Sonnyphotos SON_7564Sonnyphotos SON_7567Sonnyphotosheading down to Andermatt SON_7570Sonnyphotosbig gorge with the Reuss river SON_7571SonnyphotosMountain range in last light heading towards Lucerne SON_7572Sonnyphotos SON_7579Sonnyphotosnow I still have a good 8 hours drive to Paris, long drive Screen Shot 2016-06-22 at 2.30.05 PM

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