Fashion should be fun and with my photography I love to create those fun moments.


Brussels > Dubai > Sydney

Always feels good to leave the winter of the northern hemisphere behind and head downunder

OZI_3617Sonnyphotosstill connected waiting to leave OZI_3620Sonnyphotoswhat's this, special delivery OZI_3621Sonnyphotosand comes with their own photographer and baggage handler. Royalty ? Any of my Belgium friends know who this might be ? Curious now. Was expecting her to walk past me to first class, but no, she was in Business OZI_3624Sonnyphotoswho's line OZI_3627Sonnyphotosstill a lot of building going on, one project finished ( new foot connection to new terminal ) and now new office buildings and hotel ? OZI_3629Sonnyphotosup and away OZI_3631Sonnyphotossnow covered Ardennes landscape ( Ardennes is the mountain region, think WW2 movie, Battle of the Bulge ) OZI_3633Sonnyphotosand then the clouds set in, nothing to see OZI_3634Sonnyphotosand stayed like this for a while OZI_3636Sonnyphotosthick grey porridge OZI_3640Sonnyphotosall the way to sundown OZI_3642Sonnyphotosso not much to see, arriving in Dubai after midnight, with 3 min spare to make my connection to Sydney ( flight from Brussels was delayed ) OZI_3644SonnyphotosThen flight from Dubai was in darkness, by the time light came up, everyone was asleep and opening the window shade was like flashing the dark cabin with a high powered flash. Luckily I could get some shots from the bar area. And what do I see, first glimpse of Australia after 2 months OZI_3650Sonnyphotosbut, hang on a minute, I know this place, that's Ningaloo, Jacqui and I were there about 8 months ago, and that's the Jurabi coastal park down there, with Turquoise Bay. That was a great trip ( check out the pics and posts here ) and this is just so awesome that I recognise it from 33000feet high up OZI_3653Sonnyphotosnorth west cape of Exmouth and woauw look OZI_3654Sonnyphotos copyzoom in, can clearly see the town of Exmouth and its marina where we stayed OZI_3654Sonnyphotossuch a clear day OZI_3656Sonnyphotosthen out the other window , great shot of Ningaloo reef Lefroy Bay and Norwegian Bay OZI_3658SonnyphotosThen back out the other window Gales Bay in the Exmouth Gulf OZI_3660Sonnyphotosfrom my seat, it was not that good a view OZI_3661Sonnyphotosso the rest of the flight I did not take that many more photos as the wing was just too big a distraction on the frame OZI_3663Sonnyphotossundown about 2 hours out of Sydney OZI_3664Sonnyphotos OZI_3668Sonnyphotosnice colours OZI_3669Sonnyphotoslanding in about 2 hours, at 10:30 pm, will be tired by the time I get home

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