Fashion should be fun and with my photography I love to create those fun moments.


Back in Avalon ready to thrill and kill

Nice to be back home, I take the camera and take a little stroll

OZI_3670SonnyphotosThe Red Back Spider, basically, don't mess with this spider, one bite and you could be in serious trouble, basically, since there has been an anti venom there have been no more recorded deaths, but boy, will you be feeling pretty crook for a few days even with the anti venom. ( for more info see wikipedia page on the redback ) OZI_3674SonnyphotosAnd this one is just lurking at the side of the house right next to the where you put your hand to turn on the garden hose. OZI_3679Sonnyphotosback to the garden ( yes, I killed it ) and to my favourite flower, Frangipani OZI_3684SonnyphotosTropical version OZI_3689Sonnyphotosdetail shot of inside of the palm leave OZI_3692Sonnyphotoslove the amber colour OZI_3695Sonnyphotosmore Frangipani OZI_3696Sonnyphotosstorm clouds rolling in OZI_3699Sonnyphotosgarden is really dry OZI_3700Sonnyphotosand basically nearly the whole time I was away it did not rain OZI_3702Sonnyphotoslooks like I brought Belgium sky with me OZI_3784SonnyphotosThe Garden Orb spider, looks as menacing as the red back, is bigger than the red back, is nocturnal and usually spins its web in a section of the garden where you usually walk through, so in the mornings when still bleary eyes, there is a high probability that you end up with your face in its web. Although not harmful to humans, it can bite ( extremely rare as they prefer to retreat or drop down and play dead ) a bite will swell, go red and be itchy but this lasts up to 4 hours OZI_3787SonnyphotosI'm just loving all the detail I'm getting with the new macro 100mm OZI_3790Sonnyphotosscary looking thing :-)

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