Fashion should be fun and with my photography I love to create those fun moments.


Javea ( Xabia ) Spain February

After the cold Scandinavia, thought I'd head south to my parents place to warm up a little

AIR_3062SonnyphotosDRKThe beach at La Granadella, a bit different from when we were here with the kids AIR_3063Sonnyphotoswhite pebble on dry seaweed AIR_3079Sonnyphotos AIR_3069Sonnyphotos AIR_3083Sonnyphotosno one out in the water AIR_3085Sonnyphotosgrotto AIR_3087Sonnyphotosview from North end looking south east AIR_3089Sonnyphotosand then towards the cute little village, which is now empty with plenty of parking spaces ( read -summer, pacjed and hard to find a parking spot ) AIR_3092Sonnyphotos AIR_3093Sonnyphotos AIR_3098Sonnyphotoslook out from Morro Del Pino, with big renovation going on at this place AIR_3099Sonnyphotoswhich has steps leading all the way down to the sea, and if it was summer, that aqua blue in the water would be so inviting, not on this 14 degree day AIR_3100SonnyphotosRuins of Morro Castell AIR_3101Sonnyphotos AIR_3103Sonnyphotosnow down at Barraca beach, with all the old fishing houses, now airbnb summer heaven AIR_3104Sonnyphotossuper cute, and what a great location for shooting AIR_3105Sonnyphotospebbles AIR_3106Sonnyphotos AIR_3107Sonnyphotos AIR_3108Sonnyphotos AIR_3110Sonnyphotos AIR_3113Sonnyphotos AIR_3115Sonnyphotos AIR_3117Sonnyphotostime for lunch AIR_3120Sonnyphotoscat has it sorted, sleeps next to fishing boats and fish restaurant, wakes up as lunch is served to the restaurants guests and picks up scraps. Cat's life

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