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Oslo > Alicante SK4675

10 mins at Oslo airport and it's off to Spain

AIR_2955SonnyphotosOslo take off, and woauw, they got some serious mountains in Norway unlike Sweden AIR_2956SonnyphotosAnd these look like good ski-ing mountains AIR_2961Sonnyphotosyep, reckon there would be some fun runs up there AIR_2966SonnyphotosKlitmoller Denmark with waves, onshore and bloody cold though AIR_2967SonnyphotosKlitmoller, wonder if there are any good waves there in summer.....well, according to surf-forecast, the water today is 5.9 degrees celcius ( F.M. that's cold ) and the break is "Klitmoller in Jylland is a reasonably exposed beach and point break that has fairly consistent surf Offshore winds are from the southwest. Windswells are much more typical than groudswells and the ideal wave direction is from the west southwest. The beach break provides left and right handers. Good surf at all stages of the tide. When the surf is up, it can get quite busy in the water. Take care of rocks in the line up." AIR_2973Sonnyphotosclouds trying to form a circle AIR_2974Sonnyphotosanother surf spot, Thyboron , Denmark AIR_2975Sonnyphotoscheck out all the windmills AIR_2977SonnyphotosAfter the surf spots of Denmark, pretty much the rest of Germany, Holland, Belgium & France was one thick cloud, now, as we approach the Pyrenees, near the French city of Agen, the clouds lift AIR_2978Sonnyphotos AIR_2979SonnyphotosFrench country side leading to the Pyrenees AIR_2980Sonnyphotosfoothills going into the Pyrenees AIR_2981Sonnyphotoswe are not alone up here AIR_2991Sonnyphotosnot a cloud in the sky and the most magnificent view of the Pyrenees AIR_2994Sonnyphotoswonder if we will fly over Andorra, where we stayed a year and a half ago AIR_2999Sonnyphotosbut no, not this time, more like somewhere around  Benasque AIR_3005Sonnyphotoswhat a view AIR_3006Sonnyphotostime for some close ups, anyone can tell me where this is AIR_3010Sonnyphotos AIR_3011Sonnyphotosas always, when I see this it just makes me want to go ski-ing AIR_3012Sonnyphotos AIR_3018SonnyphotosOn the Spanish side AIR_3022Sonnyphotoslooking back to the French side AIR_3023Sonnyphotosgood shot of Peña Monta?esAIR_3025Sonnyphotos AIR_3028SonnyphotosI thought this was the lake we drove past when we left Andorra, but this one is a lot further east and is Embalse de Mediano AIR_3031Sonnyphotosanother look at that Pena outcrop AIR_3033Sonnyphotossuch a clear day AIR_3036SonnyphotosMediano Dam AIR_3039Sonnyphotos AIR_3041Sonnyphotosloving the spider web look of all the roads leading out of this village AIR_3044Sonnyphotosgetting dryer  AIR_3046SonnyphotosAragon ? AIR_3049Sonnyphotosclouds coming in as we slowly approach the Mediterranean  AIR_3054Sonnyphotoscheck out all the windmills ( so remember driving past many windmills on our way to Xabia by car ) AIR_3055Sonnyphotos AIR_3057Sonnyphotosgoing down to land

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