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Tahiti, let the holiday begin

ok, I did go surfing yesterday, but today really feels like the start of the holiday

TAH_5695sonnyphotosOver water Bungalows. yes, we will be staying here during the course of our stay in Tahiti, and looking forward to itTAH_5696sonnyphotosSo we are on the Island of Moorea, which is just of the main Island of Tahiti, so we are looking across the deep sea channel at Papeete, and in front of us, we have a super fast bowling right hander called impossibles ( I just named it that, as it is impossible to surf ) TAH_5698sonnyphotosand then look at the awesome blue colourTAH_5699sonnyphotosare we liking Tahiti yet ?TAH_5701sonnyphotosDriving to the north west of Moorea Island, for a little boat rideTAH_5708sonnyphotosawesome scenery with all these mountains created millions of years ago from volcanic eruptionsTAH_5709sonnyphotosimagine living thereTAH_5713sonnyphotos2 coconuts and Moorea's version of the Devils Tower *TAH_5714sonnyphotosloving itTAH_5715sonnyphotosand out we go for our adventure todayTAH_5723sonnyphotosthose colours, we are just of Tiahura and heading towards Motu TiahuruTAH_5727sonnyphotosand on the way to Motu Tiahuru, we cross the most amazing blue colour waters with white sand barsTAH_5740sonnyphotosas we get closer, Benji slows down the boatTAH_5745sonnyphotosbecause not all those shapes in the water are bits of CoralTAH_5749sonnyphotosThey are sharksTAH_5752sonnyphotosreef sharksTAH_5761sonnyphotosand we are about to go swimming with themTAH_5771sonnyphotos"Le Champion " and Pierro aka Stuart, Pierro, jumps straight in the water to hook up the anchor, sharks ? what sharksTAH_5772sonnyphotos TAH_5773sonnyphotosPiero has a bit of Aussie in him " No Wucking Forries Mate

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