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Swimming with sharks in Tahiti

and stingrays. And we are not talking about a guided tour, these are wild animals

JAC_0625sonnyphotosSo there are sharks all around the boat, no problem for Le Champion and PierroJAC_0626sonnyphotosHa, can't wait for Pierro to cut up the fish, like, give me some now, I'm here, where's my feed :-)JAC_0634sonnyphotosUnderwater, they just glide pastJAC_0656sonnyphotosand not just the raysJAC_0659sonnyphotosLoving the shadowJAC_0660sonnyphotosBeautiful creature, and check the fish out as wellJAC_0682sonnyphotosI literally can not believe my eyes, again, this is not on some guided tour or in a marine park, this is just out in the open seaJAC_0688sonnyphotosso beautifulJAC_0689sonnyphotos JAC_0691sonnyphotosclose rangeJAC_0695sonnyphotoscoming closer stillJAC_0697sonnyphotoshead shotJAC_0707sonnyphotosJacqui has been stung by a ray before, so a bit reluctant to get in the water, but at the same time, is super keen to swim with the sharksJAC_0715sonnyphotosJacqui swimming with the sharks ( yes, wide angle lens, so she is a lot closer than this photo appears to show :-)JAC_0717sonnyphotosAgain, just woauw, can't believe my eyesJAC_0724sonnyphotoslike when we were in the maldivesJAC_0742sonnyphotosso gentleJAC_0747sonnyphotosswimming with the sharksJAC_0755sonnyphotos JAC_0764sonnyphotos JAC_0771sonnyphotosand the clarity of the water !!JAC_0781sonnyphotosJAC_0791sonnyphotos JAC_0796sonnyphotosLike , seriously, that's a shark, and I'm out in the water with itJAC_0801sonnyphotos JAC_0809sonnyphotos JAC_0814sonnyphotos JAC_0823sonnyphotosJacqui, big smile on here face, except she has not seen what is in front of meJAC_0824sonnyphotosah, she spotted itJAC_0838sonnyphotosback to the boat she goesJAC_0839sonnyphotoshehehe, and it's chasing herJAC_0841sonnyphotosshe's out of here :-)JAC_0848sonnyphotos JAC_0854sonnyphotos JAC_0862sonnyphotos JAC_0863sonnyphotos JAC_0870sonnyphotosJust woauw, what an experienceJAC_0872sonnyphotoseven some coral fish join inJAC_0876sonnyphotosloving the patterns the sun makes through the ripples on the water urfaceJAC_0879sonnyphotosand the blue :-)JAC_0895sonnyphotosHani doing a little free diveJAC_0900sonnyphotosAs does BenjiJAC_0913sonnyphotos JAC_0931sonnyphotosthe fish the girls caught yesterday, being fed to the fishJAC_0945sonnyphotosSharks keen on some free foodJAC_0946sonnyphotos JAC_0949sonnyphotosnever know what;s behind your backJAC_0974sonnyphotos JAC_0978sonnyphotos JAC_0980sonnyphotos JAC_0992sonnyphotos JAC_1001sonnyphotos JAC_1005sonnyphotosyeah babyJAC_1006sonnyphotoswhat an amazing creatureJAC_1024sonnyphotosHappy girls. Wait !! What, Jacqui with a beer in her hand, woauw

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