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Flying over the Maldives

FRA_4639sonnyphotosAfter Gulf of Oman and Arab Sea time to hit the Indian ocean and hopefull this time not too many clouds so I can see the Maldives, hang on , zoom inFRA_4638sonnyphotosyes, there it is, no way, big smile right nowFRA_4640sonnyphotoswas there 2 years agoFRA_4644sonnyphotosand loved it so muchFRA_4647sonnyphotosso want go back for a long surf trip thereFRA_4651sonnyphotosand snorkeling of courseFRA_4655sonnyphotos FRA_4656sonnyphotosjust look at those coloursFRA_4660sonnyphotosand cloudsFRA_4664sonnyphotos FRA_4678sonnyphotosAll private islands now, most of them luxury resortsFRA_4680sonnyphotosgot a feeling I been thereFRA_4687sonnyphotos FRA_4691sonnyphotos FRA_4693sonnyphotosagain, so want to go there againFRA_4694sonnyphotos FRA_4697sonnyphotoswaves wavesFRA_4700sonnyphotoshang on a minuteFRA_4703sonnyphotos copyyes, I been there, I so recognise this, that is Chicken and Coke, and behind the island where we had a swim around a shipwreck FRA_4703sonnyphotosthat's insane, out of all the Islands ( I believe there are like hundreds of them ) I end up flying over the one I been toFRA_4707sonnyphotos check it out here , the Tommy Surf Shack Trip ( click here )  

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