Fashion should be fun and with my photography I love to create those fun moments.


Brussels > Dubai EK 0184

Time to head back downunder

FRA_4568sonnyphotosBrussels AirportFRA_4571sonnyphotosOld terminal being re built for ... offices ? hotel ?FRA_4574sonnyphotosTake off , and big grey blanketFRA_4576sonnyphotosNothing to see FRA_4579sonnyphotosSo might just try and get some shut eyeFRA_4580sonnyphotoswe are not aloneFRA_4582sonnyphotosAfter a 9 hour stop over back on the planeFRA_4586sonnyphotosready to takeFRA_4589sonnyphotosDubai creekFRA_4590sonnyphotossky line from the seaFRA_4593sonnyphotosall that smogFRA_4599sonnyphotosthe world ( that part on the top of the photo is supposed to be Australia ??? )FRA_4600sonnyphotosFRA_4605sonnyphotosnow this looks interesting, I see waves, a left hander right at the top there, where they are working on the pearl JumeirahFRA_4606sonnyphotoscan clearly see itFRA_4607sonnyphotosmight have to stop over longer than 9 hours next timeFRA_4608sonnyphotosthat tall building FRA_4609sonnyphotoslook at all the greenery :-) Looks hotFRA_4613sonnyphotoscity outskirtsFRA_4614sonnyphotosfurther inland, nice mountain rangeFRA_4617sonnyphotosmore in Oman now, and look at that terrainFRA_4619sonnyphotosmountain passFRA_4625sonnyphotosand then we get the coastline of OmanFRA_4628sonnyphotosand I swear there's waves thereFRA_4629sonnyphotoswith a coastline like that, there's bound to be wavesFRA_4631sonnyphotosok, heading to Maldives nowFRA_4635sonnyphotoshoping to see the Atolls this time

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