Fashion should be fun and with my photography I love to create those fun moments.


Thredbo, I like it :-)

After our raod trip from Adelaide, we stop for a couple of days in Thredbo

JAC_6903Jacqui was not going to come and hit the slopes as she has a worrying spine that is ok now, but a bad fall on her bum could have her bed ridden again, so instead she rented some snow shoes ( think tennis rackets style ) so we both took the chairlift up to Merritts and went for a little walk in the snow so she could take some photos of the snow JAC_6936And some of me ski-ing, looking cool in my 80's suit :-) I love going ski-ing, it's that being out in nature much like surfing, love it so muchJAC_6908We were down below the ski lifts, away form the crowds, so I had to walk back up, so needing a little breather here HTE_9253SonnyphotosAfter an hour or so, Jacqui decided she would better off down in the village doing a bit of pre- apres ski activity :-)HTE_9255SonnyphotosAnd I went back up HTE_9258Sonnyphotoswind setting in pretty strong now HTE_9261Sonnyphotostop of Crackenback HTE_9269SonnyphotosAnd now up the Basin t-bar HTE_9271Sonnyphotoslot of wind blowing snow around and in the windy spots blowing the top layer off leaving only the hard packed snow HTE_9281SonnyphotosRock formations at Karels HTE_9283SonnyphotosWindswept mini gum forest HTE_9284Sonnyphotoslove all these big graphic blocks HTE_9285Sonnyphotos HTE_9295Sonnyphotos HTE_9311Sonnyphotosback country HTE_9317Sonnyphotosjust venturing a little out in the out of bounds area HTE_9327Sonnyphotosand as soon as that sun goes it gets so much colder HTE_9333Sonnyphotosonly a couple of more runs left before they pack up for the day HTE_9337Sonnyphotos HTE_9341Sonnyphotosthat wind HTE_9345Sonnyphotoscreating some sculptures HTE_9350Sonnyphotostime to go down for a drink I think

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