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Sydney > Hong Kong CX110 Part 3 - Across the seas to Hong Kong

Last part of the trip, across the seas

CLD_5152Sonnyphotosso many spots to explore CLD_5155SonnyphotosTandjung Burak,  CLD_5157Sonnyphotossurf and snorkel, AduatIsland in the Banda sea CLD_5159Sonnyphotosall around this area CLD_5161Sonnyphotos CLD_5163Sonnyphotos CLD_5165Sonnyphotos CLD_5168Sonnyphotosawesome CLD_5169Sonnyphotos CLD_5174Sonnyphotos CLD_5176SonnyphotosPhilippines  ? CLD_5180SonnyphotosI'm calling this Boomerang CLD_5181Sonnyphotos CLD_5183Sonnyphotos CLD_5185Sonnyphotos CLD_5194Sonnyphotos CLD_5198Sonnyphotos CLD_5200Sonnyphotostropics CLD_5205Sonnyphotos CLD_5217Sonnyphotos CLD_5222Sonnyphotos CLD_5223Sonnyphotosgetting ready to descend CLD_5225Sonnyphotosreading great paper, Saturday Paper it's called CLD_5227Sonnyphotosyep, getting close to Hong Kong, lot of boat traffic CLD_5234Sonnyphotos CLD_5240SonnyphotosHong Kong CLD_5244Sonnyphotos CLD_5248Sonnyphotosouter suburb ? CLD_5253SonnyphotosMan, Hong Kong is big CLD_5256SonnyphotosI guess that must be the cbd at top CLD_5260Sonnyphotos CLD_5263Sonnyphotosconstruction just off the runway CLD_5269Sonnyphotosa couple of hours later, in hotel, as I have a 16 hour lay over CLD_5277Sonnyphotos

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