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Sydney > Hong Kong CX110 Part 2 - The outback

Off to Europe, first stop Hong Kong

CLD_5088Sonnyphotosa few hours after the Blue Mountains, somewhere outback in over Queensland  CLD_5090Sonnyphotossomewhere North of Strzelecki desert and south of Mt Isa ( I know, that's still a massive part of Australia ) CLD_5092Sonnyphotos CLD_5093Sonnyphotos CLD_5097Sonnyphotos CLD_5098Sonnyphotos CLD_5099SonnyphotosIt never ceases to amaze me of the similarities of these high altitude views of this landscape and some of the artwork form the Indigenous people CLD_5100Sonnyphotos CLD_5103Sonnyphotos CLD_5105Sonnyphotospassing near Mt Isa somewhere CLD_5107Sonnyphotos CLD_5108Sonnyphotos CLD_5111SonnyphotosCalvert River CLD_5112Sonnyphotos CLD_5115SonnyphotosWearyan River coastal salt pan area ( an important Bird Area ) CLD_5117Sonnyphotos CLD_5122SonnyphotosBing Bong and West Island on the left CLD_5126SonnyphotosMaria Island CLD_5132SonnyphotosRiver looks familiar CLD_5135Sonnyphotoszoom in, yes, flew over here before ( click here to see older post and scroll down ) CLD_5140SonnyphotosArnhem coast CLD_5144SonnyphotosGoulburn and north Goulburn Islands CLD_5149SonnyphotosFlew over here before as well and questioned the surf potential CLD_5150SonnyphotosNear Oxley and Croker islands

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