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Eco Beach retreat Day 1 - walk north

all good so far

AUS_9881sonnyphotosAfter the south walk, lets try north AUS_9883sonnyphotossuper cool graphic print on this dried crab shell AUS_9885sonnyphotosbig transparent mussel shell AUS_9887sonnyphotoslove finding all these shells on the beach, and how is the star fish pattern on these dead urchins AUS_9889sonnyphotosawesome, but no collecting on this beach, leave it for the next visitor to see, so pictures instead AUS_9891sonnyphotos AUS_9897sonnyphotoswoauw, check this fish out, swim so close along the shore line AUS_9898sonnyphotosyou can see how close from Jacqui's head in the foreground AUS_9903sonnyphotosanyone can tell me what sort of fish I am looking at here AUS_9908sonnyphotospretty tame, but then I am sure if I stepped in the water it would be gone pretty fast AUS_9912sonnyphotoslocation, location , location AUS_9914sonnyphotosjust spectacular colours AUS_9916sonnyphotos AUS_9917sonnyphotos AUS_9919sonnyphotosred sponge AUS_9920sonnyphotosanother amazing shell glistening in the sun AUS_9924sonnyphotos AUS_9933sonnyphotos AUS_9934sonnyphotospatterns AUS_9940sonnyphotosand there was no ring inside it AUS_9944sonnyphotosso calmAUS_9956sonnyphotos AUS_9946sonnyphotostime for a swim AUS_9947sonnyphotos AUS_9957sonnyphotosexcept there are these sting ray type looking fish AUS_9959sonnyphotosalso super close to shore AUS_9962sonnyphotosturns out they shovelnose rays AUS_9965sonnyphotos AUS_9970sonnyphotosso many of them AUS_9971sonnyphotos AUS_9977sonnyphotosI think we'll walk a bit further and swim there AUS_9982sonnyphotos AUS_9990sonnyphotos

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