Fashion should be fun and with my photography I love to create those fun moments.


Eco Beach Retreat Day 1 little walk south

Deciding to go for a walk

AUS_9768sonnyphotosI'm keen to go for a walk to check out these rocks on the headland, Jacqui keen to just relax ( walking is relaxing isn't it ? ) AUS_9771sonnyphotosTide is coming, big tidal differences in this part of Western Australia ( plan your coastal walks and check tidal charts ) AUS_9779sonnyphotosStrip of red rock coming through AUS_9782sonnyphotosonly foot steps, far cry from Bondi beach on a sunny day AUS_9791sonnyphotoswouaw, look at these colours, I'm about to get a nice series of photos I think AUS_9798sonnyphotosaround the first little headland and another beach and series of interesting rock shapes AUS_9802sonnyphotosresort, hidden by the headland AUS_9805sonnyphotosI'm loving all these colours AUS_9810sonnyphotosOh my, where the red earth meets the sea AUS_9812sonnyphotosagain, look at this and no one around AUS_9815sonnyphotosa little hole on the top of that one AUS_9820sonnyphotosInteresting, oh, and by the way, water temperature is easily around the 22 degree mark ( that's celcius for you Americans :-) AUS_9830sonnyphotosOnce a model, always a model ? AUS_9833sonnyphotoswhat a location though for a photo shoot , loving it AUS_9836sonnyphotosPast the headland, another tiny beach with the " mini bungles" at the other end AUS_9839sonnyphotosjust look at that water AUS_9841sonnyphotosWant to go and explore further as there is a cave at one of the following beaches, but been warned with the incoming tide I might get stuck AUS_9843sonnyphotosAnd look at that colour AUS_9847sonnyphotosDying to a team up here and do a photoshoot  AUS_9849sonnyphotosRed Earth meet the sea AUS_9850sonnyphotos AUS_9851sonnyphotos AUS_9852sonnyphotosand no one else around AUS_9859sonnyphotosrock sculptures AUS_9862sonnyphotos AUS_9863sonnyphotosjust divine AUS_9868sonnyphotos AUS_9869sonnyphotosand so many shells around, but they ask you to not collect anything from the beach AUS_9873sonnyphotosso I collect a few within reach and took a photo instead AUS_9876sonnyphotosand back at our room

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