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That Sydney Storm - Palm Beach

We drive further to check out Palm Beach

AUS_7291SonnyphotosAfter see-ing the big swell storm into Whale Beach keen to see what was happening at "kiddies corner " at Palm Beach. And one surfer out. AUS_7300SonnyphotosZane taking off on a solid wave, but these are just the "reforms" on the inside, the waves further out the back are triple the size AUS_7302Sonnyphotosso this is a "small " wave for today AUS_7304Sonnyphotosdecent sized "small " wave AUS_7306Sonnyphotos AUS_7308Sonnyphotos AUS_7311Sonnyphotos AUS_7315Sonnyphotos AUS_7321Sonnyphotoswaves are even breaking as far as elephant rock, in other words, there's no beach today AUS_7323SonnyphotosI've never seen waves break out that far behind the rocks AUS_7329Sonnyphotosbigger ones out the back rolling in AUS_7335Sonnyphotos AUS_7340Sonnyphotos AUS_7347Sonnyphotosup to the road AUS_7360Sonnyphotoslooking fro the pool, the back of the waves is as big as some of the houses AUS_7370Sonnyphotosno swimming in the pool today, big waves rolling through AUS_7374Sonnyphotos AUS_7380Sonnyphotossalt water on the road, not good for the cars AUS_7391Sonnyphotos AUS_7414Sonnyphotosso I added these little markers, so on the wave, showing the height compared to the toilet block at the pool and the house above, to give you some perspective as to how big that wave is, and again, these are the smaller waves on the inside, out the back it is 3 times bigger. So fair to say there are 10 meters waves breaking out the back. Last time we had swell like this was back in 1974 so yeah, 50 year storm AUS_7418Sonnyphotosso without the markers, check the size of this "small" wave AUS_7428SonnyphotosElephant rock AUS_7432Sonnyphotosdrove up to north view to get a better look of the beach AUS_7435Sonnyphotos"The Joey" is just a washing machine AUS_7436Sonnyphotoswaves rolling inland up the hawkesbury river AUS_7441Sonnyphotosif only we had a nice right hand point break that would work in big swell like this, but the water is too deep there AUS_7448Sonnyphotosthat's like a waves breaking nearly a km of the beach out the sea AUS_7456Sonnyphotoshuge AUS_7460Sonnyphotos

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