Fashion should be fun and with my photography I love to create those fun moments.


Jet Pack Joyride

My birthday present from Jacqui, and what a thrilling ride it was, so much fun

JAC_9132my beast for the next 20 min JAC_9143instructions. Pretty cool, once in the water the instructor can talk to me via walkie talkie and speakers placed inside the helmet JAC_9156here we go JAC_9157oh yeah JAC_9167I'm feeling it JAC_9177look no hands JAC_9178this... is... so.... cool...!! JAC_9183that's what, about 3 meters above the water ? JAC_9195again, so much fun JAC_9206 JAC_9216can you tell JAC_9220the sharp turns are fun JAC_9223and then the propulsion JAC_9226 JAC_9233 JAC_9235 JAC_9237 JAC_9260now imagine being able to do this in 5 foot surf hehehe JAC_9265 JAC_9274yeeehaaaa JAC_9277thanks Jacqui <3

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