Fashion should be fun and with my photography I love to create those fun moments.


Dubai > Sydney

The trip to down under continues

FRA_6213Sonnyphotostaxing in Dubai FRA_6216Sonnyphotosready for take off FRA_6224Sonnyphotosclear skiesFRA_6226Sonnyphotosvery clear skies actually ( for Dubai these days ) FRA_6228SonnyphotosFish markets from memory FRA_6231Sonnyphotoscontinuously expanding FRA_6233Sonnyphotoseven further out ( wonder what that's about ) FRA_6238Sonnyphotosthe palm FRA_6241Sonnyphotosand the Burj, great shot FRA_6242Sonnyphotoswoaw, looks like the north end of international beach is about to get a new building FRA_6245Sonnyphotosnot sure where exactly but either just on the left or in the center is where I lived for several month FRA_6250Sonnyphotosand it would be a short drive for me in the mornings to go for my daily swim FRA_6253Sonnyphotosoutskirts of Dubai FRA_6256Sonnyphotosthat's been looking like this for a while now, new village, waiting for the homes to be built, roads are ready, but been a while they are getting covered in desert sand FRA_6262Sonnyphotosmountain range crossing into Oman FRA_6272Sonnyphotoslove the red sand meeting the black mountain range FRA_6275Sonnyphotos FRA_6281Sonnyphotosvery jagged, looks in hospitable FRA_6289Sonnyphotos FRA_6292Sonnyphotos FRA_6304SonnyphotosOman is a lot bigger than UAE FRA_6313Sonnyphotoswoauw FRA_6315Sonnyphotosjagged mountain range FRA_6318Sonnyphotosthe way it just protrudes from the valley FRA_6327Sonnyphotosdesert in Oman on the way to the Gulf of Oman FRA_6334Sonnyphotos FRA_6341SonnyphotosOman coastline FRA_6345Sonnyphotosthere just has to be surf down there FRA_6353Sonnyphotoswould love to set up a surf expedition spent some time down there with a couple of 4WD in search of waves FRA_6359Sonnyphotosflying towards India FRA_6362Sonnyphotos FRA_6365Sonnyphotos FRA_6367Sonnyphotosgetting late, time to have a sleep FRA_6369Sonnyphotos FRA_6373Sonnyphotosand 8 hours or so later, a very early morning at Botany Bay FRA_6375Sonnyphotos FRA_6379Sonnyphotoslanded

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